Day of the Girl 2017

With a ratio of 4:1 boys to girls in our house but a business that has equality at the heart, we’re pro the Day of the Girl at Freshspace HQ.

Since 2012, 11th October has become the International Day of the Girl, a day which aims to confront the needs and challenges girls face across the world, while promoting empowerment.

Keeping it in the Family

“Mummy, can I say hello?”

Uttered by a persistent three year old almost a year ago as I was talking to a new client about the intricacies of WordPress. I jumped out of my seat so that the phone was out of reach and flapped my hand around in a manner I hoped he’d understand meant “not now!!”. Instead he interpreted my ‘mummy means business’ eyes as ‘please pull on my skirt and repeat your question over and over at increasing decibel levels’.

Eventually I gave up and admitted that right at that instance I was in fact working at the kitchen table surrounded by tractors only for an admission from the lady I was speaking to, that she was not actually sitting in an office as I’d presumed but taking the call in the garden as her husband and partner in business was noisily trying his hand at DIY.

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3000 products and counting

Actually that would be 3,205 products but it didn’t have the same ring to it… This week we were pleased to launch a new WooCommerce e-commerce site for CP Catering Equipment Ltd, a long established Kendal business who supply a fair reaching number of clients including The Castle Green Hotel and Hawkshead Brewery.

The new site is built in WordPress with a massive dollop of WooCommerce. The new site allows Helen and Laura to import an extensive number of products quickly and easily, saving them time to work on other aspects of the business. It’s been a challenging but fun project with some top notch cups of tea for our efforts.

Take a look at the new site.