Geeky Import Stuff with WordPress

Of late we’ve worked on a number of websites that have required managing imports of 100’s if not 1000’s of products to WordPress sites. It’s been an interesting learning curve for us both and means we’ve got another feather in our caps when it comes to helping clients with their business needs.

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Working on the doorstep…

…or that’s what Bryn seems to want to do this fine Monday morning.

Well it’s officially our first day back after a great break in Crete and as much as we’d love to sit basking in the sun there’s work to be done.

Foxfield – it all started with a single seed…

The new e-commerce site we built for Foxfield Garden Centre was the product of a random phone call and an unexpected meeting last December.

We were enthusiastic about business owner Alan Benson’s plan to move into the online market with his wide range of specialist plants. It was his vision to not only sell across Cumbria and the Lake District, but on a national level too.

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Keeping it in the Family

“Mummy, can I say hello?”

Uttered by a persistent three year old almost a year ago as I was talking to a new client about the intricacies of WordPress. I jumped out of my seat so that the phone was out of reach and flapped my hand around in a manner I hoped he’d understand meant “not now!!”. Instead he interpreted my ‘mummy means business’ eyes as ‘please pull on my skirt and repeat your question over and over at increasing decibel levels’.

Eventually I gave up and admitted that right at that instance I was in fact working at the kitchen table surrounded by tractors only for an admission from the lady I was speaking to, that she was not actually sitting in an office as I’d presumed but taking the call in the garden as her husband and partner in business was noisily trying his hand at DIY.

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Kind words from CP Catering Equipment

“Choosing someone to design a website can be a daunting process especially as we had received convincing briefs from a number of web designers. We chose Darren and Eilidh as they understood exactly what we were looking for and got behind the brief straight away. They designed an e-commerce website for us and we are delighted with the result, not only from the point of view as to how the site looks but how easy it is for us to edit the content and process orders. Freshspace provides an extremely professional service with fast and efficient response times and excellent back-up support. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Helen Herbert, Business Development Manager

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