Scope of work



As a long term customer of Freshspace with our hosting solution db Sporting have confidence in the security and reliability of what we can offer.

Web Design

We designed a website which matches the quality of their competitors and fits with the high end image they want to present.


We built the site by customising a dynamic WordPress theme allowing for greater time efficiency and resulting cost savings.

dp Sporting


db Sporting had an existing Drupal website which has been within our hosting environment for a number of years. The site had become outdated and did not match with the quality of their competitors. Built in Drupal they were having some difficulty updating the site, particularly to the high quality standard that they wanted to meet.
As we already host the site they were keen to see what we could do for them. Finding Drupal limiting and time intensive, we supported our client in making a decision between opting for a agency who could update the site in it’s pre-existing form, or to look to design a new site through a more simple, cost effective route of WordPress.


Our Solution

After some cost comparison and consideration of the benefits of an entirely new website, db Sporting asked us to go ahead with a complete redesign using WordPress. To keep costs down we picked a pre-built but highly customisable WordPress theme. This enabled us to design db Sporting a site which met with the experience their guests look for in the sporting days they have on offer. We also set up a site so that a booking system could easily be integrated if they choose to adopt one in the future.

Based in Powys, Wales, we designed the website from our base in Kendal. Pulling together a design which matched with their branding, photography and the content they were able to provide, we then sent a link to the development site for their approval and input prior to going live. Despite the distance we still managed a good team effort with our client in developing a visual, informative site.