Scope of work



We developed an online store to allow H. Pigney & Son to promote and sell their wide range of products and machinery.

Web Design

The website was designed with our client’s customer base in mind, as well as their reputation as a long-standing local business.


Using WordPress in conjunction with WooCommerce we supported our client in establishing a greater online presence for their business.

H. Pigney & Son Shop Front


H. Pigney & Son have been established agricultural engineers and dealers in Appleby-in-Westmorland since 1824. They are a long standing family business with a reputation which goes before them, but the nature of the business had made it difficult to have a natural online presence. Despite designing their own website using Dreamweaver, maintaining it was not proving time efficient and there were limited options in growing the site as they wished.
Nevertheless Pigney’s more than keep up with their competitors with an active Facebook following and smart marketing campaigns. There was also some consideration over selling online. With a vast range of products from large agricultural machinery both new and used, to sundries from their hardware shop such as nuts and bolts, it was unclear exactly how this would work and what could be effectively sold online.


Our Solution

In our initial discussions with H. Pigney & Son it was unclear whether we were going to design a basic website or a full online shop. After consideration we agreed on an online store which could accommodate their wide range of products, and had room to grow and develop as the business demands. We went ahead and designed a site which we felt matched the Pigney branding. It seemed important that a business with such high reputation across Appleby and Cumbria, was recognisable through its website but the professionalism of the business came across to those not ‘in the know’.

Opting for WooCommerce as the e-commerce platform for the WordPress site we customised the online shop to allow for ultimately three shops under one umbrella. We tailored the site so that larger machinery items could not be purchased directly but encouraged sales enquiries; fundamentally generating leads and starting conversations with potential customers. They also have the potential to sell literally thousands of sundries online alongside promoting deals and more local incentives. This links in with their Facebook page, promoting more visits back to the site.

Since going live the bounce rate has reduced by over 70% and visits to the site have increased by 30% highlighting the power of a new, highly populated site. With such a vast range of products it was vital the personalities behind H. Pigney & Son continued to come across on the stie. The people and history behind the business are shown on the About Us page but nothing has been more effective than Anna Pigney’s online promotions and ability to make the most of the website.



Facts and Figures

Since going live:

  • Visits to the from mobile and tablet devices has increased by over 55%
  • Time spent on the site by returning customers has increased by over 200%!
  • Less people leave the site within the first 10 seconds now
  • Over 56% of site visitors find the site through organic search
  • Bounce rate has decreased by over 78%
  • Organic visits to the site by over 25%