In a Nutshell

Freshspace provide web design and digital marketing services across Cumbria and beyond:

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • E-commerce
  • Migration
  • Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Domain Name Management

Designing, building and maintaining a website can seem like a tricky business, with so many things to think about; can I update it, will people find it, can I break it…? It doesn’t need to be that complicated and when working with the right people it can be a breeze. Some people think that web designers are ten a penny but finding people who understand your vision can be like gold dust.


We build the majority of our websites using WordPress, a dynamic and reliable Content Management System which allows us to present our clients with a website which they happily manage and update. WordPress enables us to build sites which  are unique and meet the client’s requirements with endless potential to extend functionality. WordPress websites are purpose built to reflect each client and to offer them a solution which they can be confident with.


Magento is the ideal platform to sell large volume of products, it comes with the relevant e-commerce features businesses need to create and manage engaging sites. This solution comes ready for global commerce, working with numerous languages, currencies, and delivery providers. Similar to WordPress there are many add-on features to extend its functionality, therefore allowing clients to adapt it to their needs and requirements.


We design, maintain and host a number of e-commerce website for our clients across Cumbria and further afield, for organisations of various sizes with a wide range of product items and sales expectations. Our e-commerce sites offer clients the ability to easily manage stock control, select from a range of payment gateways and provide reporting to influence future sales strategy.


Moving from your existing supplier can seem like a daunting process. However, that needn’t be the case. We’ve successfully migrated over a number of clients to our hosting platform, from basic HTML and WordPress sites, to the more challenging and complex Magento and Drupal; going as far as to take over sites which have been hacked that we have then repaired back to life. With careful planning and scoping we take out the stress for our clients.


The hosting we provide benefits from enterprise level uptime and performance monitoring services meaning our clients don’t have to worry about the general performance of their website. We offer a reliable and secure hosting solution meaning our sites are well protected from potential threats. With the extra assurance that their website is secure even our clients with large e-commerce sites can sleep soundly.

Email Hosting

In addition to website hosting we are able to offer email hosting for clients who only require a small number of email accounts (a maximum of five) – included as part of our hosting solution. For clients who need something more robust we work closely with a reputable partner who has significant experience in managing a high volume of email accounts effectively.

Domain Name Management

Choosing a domain name for your business can be a tricky affair, as can managing your own domain name. Remembering to renew it and keep your contact details up-to-date have at times brought websites to a stand still. Allowing us to manage your domain name for you gives you peace of mind as well as giving you one point of contact to support you with your website, hosting and domain name.

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