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Freshspace provide web design solutions using WordPress as our Content Management System of choice:

  • Easy to use CMS
  • Fully Customisable
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile Ready
  • Management of existing sites

As one of the foremost used Content Management Systems (CMS) on the internet, WordPress powers over 60 million sites, from individual bloggers to large multinationals. With a desire not to ‘reinvent the wheel‘ it is our preferred platform from which we build, design and extend websites. Our more basic sites to our more complex are all built using WordPress with our customers happy that they can manage and look after their site without difficulty. From experience it is by far the most intuitive content management system on the market.

Easy to use CMS

One of the benefits of WordPress is that our clients are happy with its ease of use with an interface which is similar to Microsoft Word. Through a simple training session our customers are left with the confidence that they can manage and add content, such as pages, blog posts, videos and images to their site without the need to rely on us for day-to-day changes unless they choose to.

Fully Customisable

Some think your website can only be unique if its built on a bespoke platform. That the more complex, the better. WordPress is fully customisable with millions of sites built on the platform which are unique to the individual. None of our websites are the same. We use our knowledge and experience to customise and develop websites on WordPress which are entirely suited to you and your audience.


Using WordPress we build a broad spectrum of e-commerce sites, from a small number of simple products to multiple categories, brands and variable products. We use WooCommerce which is known as ‘the most customisable e-commerce platform‘ offering us, to date, endless options on the e-commerce websites we build. Two of the more comprehensive websites in our portfolio were built using WooCommerce but with a view to generating sales leads rather than an online sale, this is suitable for more technically complex marketplaces.

Mobile Ready

Moving forward from the days of ‘mobile versions’ of websites, all of our websites are fully responsive meaning that they are viewable on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. With statistics showing that approximately 60% of visits to sites and over 30% of orders come from mobile and tablet devices we feel this is a must for all the websites we produce.

Management of existing sites

The beauty of websites built using WordPress is that you will never find yourself in a position where you have a website which no developer will be able to help you with. We take on existing WordPress websites which have been built by other agencies and developers by first, migrating them over to our hosting solution to then maintain and support them for our customers. We offer support in a range of ways such as maintaining WordPress, theme and plugin updates to prevent security risks and ensure the site remains fully functional; making changes to the aesthetics and design; adding content and news items. Whether based locally here in Cumbria or further afield and in need of a change, we want to work with you to ensure you get the most from your website.

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