Business Development

"I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."

Jimmy Dean

Committing to a particular route for your business is often half the battle. It means being realistic yet daring, diligent yet courageous, and ultimately unafraid of where the road might take you. There is so much focus on growth surrounded by debate about the steps we should be taking to make sure our enterprises remain sustainable. Bespoke guidance based around your own requirements which is sensitive to your organisation’s quirks will help refine your roadmap.

Full Service Review

We have worked with a number of our clients to review and analyse their business practices, covering a broad spectrum from online presence to contract management in integral service areas. We have then worked with our clients to implement recommended changes. Through this there have been a number of positive outcomes including streamlined processes, reduction in overhead costs, more dynamic business models and higher revenue.

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Digital Audit

With a good online presence more important than ever, it is vital for businesses to consider the true impact of their digital activity. Customers have begun to expect more online interactions through social media, online advertising (such as Google AdWords) and proactive engagement through email marketing. Understanding how businesses can better succeed online sometimes takes a little helping hand.

Business Strategy

Many of us have a clear goal, an end vision for what we want to see our business become, but are unsure of the smaller steps we need to take to get ourselves there. With detailed experience and knowledge of business in a variety of sectors we can work with you to develop a clear business strategy. By strategy we don’t mean a document which is read once and dropped into a drawer, but a meaningful working document which supports your vision and has the ability to flex and adapt.

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Marketing Strategy

Marketing is often the missing piece of the jigsaw. For a lot of businesses self-promotion doesn't feel comfortable, recognising you are doing something great and that people can benefit can be hard to admit. But shouting about what you do is important to ensure that your business is sustainable and can grow. We can help you pull together an all round marketing strategy that fits with the message you want to get across.