All the cool kids are doing it 4

All the cool kids are doing it

We’re all surrounded by timeless gems of advice. You know, like ‘work to live, don’t live to work’, ‘do more of what makes you happy’, and my all time least favourite, ‘live each day like it’s your last’. The sparky comments which demand 2 seconds of your time to reevaluate, question if this is how […]

Swallows 8


Spring it would seem is finally here. And why’s that? Well there’s an unwritten rule (competition) with my family; who can see the first swallow. For the past two years I’ve spotted them first. Go me!! (2014 it was March 29th and last year April 5th).

Must be that caffeine hit 10

Must be that caffeine hit

A shared vice at Freshspace is our penchant for coffee. Just like the stereotype we encourage each others coffee addiction, we go to extraordinary lengths to source the best stuff and when the coffee runs dry we grow argumentative and blame each other.