Self Love (and online shopping)

Top three habits to promote self love: Pampering – take the time to paint your nails, have a bubble bath, use some soothing moisturisers Freshen your space – light some candles, or spray your favourite air freshener Online shopping – the marmite of the high street world

May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you

Happy Star Wars Day from all at Freshspace HQ! Only 225 days and counting until Star Wars – The Last Jedi. At Freshspace we have a lifelong Star Wars fan and a recent Star Wars convert so The Last Jedi is eagerly awaited. May the 4th be with you….

coffee beans

Digital Marketing for Brew Brothers

Even prior to having a website, Brew Brothers had a broad social media following across Twitter and Facebook. Nevertheless, aware that they wanted to keep evolving as a business to support their customer base they wanted to be sure that they were truly making the most of their online process. We considered their approach to […]


Friday Photo – A selection of Autumn Leaves

Given that it’s a been a good few weeks since my last post (that old chestnut of work getting in the way…) I thought I’d share a selection of photos I’ve been taking of the Autumn leaves that have blown in around the steps by St George’s Church in Kendal.

It’s interesting to see in the space of 2 weeks the changes in colour, plus the odd bit of rubbish that’s blown through. Much like the seasons we’ve seen our business change rapidly since we first started out since what seems like only last week.