Wedding Cake Cheeses are an integral part of what The Churchmouse at Barbon offer and is a side of the business which email marketing can successfully promote. One of the key ways that John and Jules engage with their potential customers is through visiting wedding shows – such as the NEC wedding show where they have the opportunity to show off their fantastic Wedding Cake Cheeses to a captive audience. At the wedding shows as well as taking orders they also collect email addresses. Doing so allows them to create a substantial mailing list used for keeping in contact with potential customers. We support them in doing this by first setting up a new MailChimp account and then an designing an elegant newsletter template, that is both visually striking and easy to read. At a time when the number of people viewing emails on smartphones and tablets is on the increase it was also important to ensure that the newsletter template works across multiple devices. With this in place John and Jules are now able to comfortably keep their customers informed via email marketing.

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