It’s not me, it's you 2

Sometimes in business as in life you need to be able to realise when something isn’t working, be proactive and do something about it. We recently took the decision to stop working with one of our clients.

They’ve been with us for a year but in that time we’ve changed the direction of our business and in doing so couldn’t support them in the way we’d liked. When we started out in 2015 we took on clients with existing sites; WordPress, Drupal and Magento. Sometimes fixing them before hosting them, others migrating them onto WordPress. The more we did this the more we saw the potential of WordPress, from its flexibility to be a blog, a brochure site to an e-commerce solution. So earlier this year we took the decision to work 100% with WordPress.

We had two options, we could continue working with the client charging them annually for hosting and support, use a third party freelancer for any development work or we could be honest and say we don’t support Magento any longer. We chose the last option, in the end it was the right thing to do for us and for the client. From experience business relationships need to be nurtured, like any relationship this takes time and has its ups and downs. But to be on that level playing field you need to be 100% in it and with Magento we are not.

Article by Eilidh Nicholls