Why We Love Shopping Local

Now we might be a little biased here, but Cumbria and the Lake District is full of incredible small businesses, in all sorts of sectors.

In our role as webpage designers we are lucky enough to get to work with and be exposed to so many of these. It wouldn't make any sense for us not to try them out! We won't play favourites (you're all our favourite!) but I will say our lives are much richer and more interesting thanks to you all.

However, using small businesses isn't just great for the consumer. It's better for the environment (candles made within an hours drive or candles from the other side of the planet - which do you think has less of a carbon footprint?), and for the area in general. When you shop local, that money goes back into your local economy. This in turn helps to boost the high street, local tourism and all in all bring more money back!

For small business owners, this is magnified. When we use and promote another small business - we are essentially improving the area our own business is based in and so promoting our own success. That may sound selfish, but it works the same for all of us!

Now - let us know which Cumbrian products and companies you would recommend!