Must be that caffeine hit 2

A shared vice at Freshspace is our penchant for coffee.

Just like the stereotype we encourage each others coffee addiction, we go to extraordinary lengths to source the best stuff and when the coffee runs dry we grow argumentative and blame each other.

We can’t help it. From the moment the coffee machine switches on in the morning and we hear the water begin to gurgle, to our 4pm caffeine curfew it is a big feature of our day.

We of course do it right. We buy the best coffee we can find, brew it in a top notch machine (with timer I hasten to add) and then sip it pretentiously out of our circa 1950s cups and saucers. From our respective grandmothers funnily enough.

It can be the rest of the day that our routine falls short. We don’t always know where we’ll be or what we’ll be doing when one of us stops and looks at the other meaningfully before uttering the words, ‘I need a coffee.’

Virtually every time these words are of course met with an equally meaningful look and a ‘me too’.

This is where we dig into our well-researched catalogue detailing the best coffee in town (Kendal being our town). All options are of course cross-referenced with quality of cake and distance from our current position. And other than on a really bad day, our needs are always met.

Coffee is a huge part of our day; whether it’s with breakfast, keeping us warm as we walk Bryn (our black labrador), or the excuse for a change in surroundings as we get some work done. It sharpens the brain we’re told so of course one day we will build a statue of it and credit it with our success.

Having spent enough money on coffee this year to make our accountant shake in his boots we feel it only right we give a shout out to our favourite establishments:

  • Brew Brothers – a client of ours, we feel it only fitting to put them at the top. With their delicious coffee (admittedly often with an Amaretto shot) and cake we were known here long before we started doing work for them. And now, if we ever buy from a rival we of course respectfully hide our cups on the way by.
  • Costa at K Village – a favourite on dog walks, plus they never forget what we want.
  • Castle Green Hotel – A fantastic latte and you get a bite-sized chocolate brownie. What’s not to love?!
  • No 4 at the Bakery – Finally we can drink coffee, eat cake and not worry about the kids running havoc.
  • Lovingly Artisan – We have every excuse for a coffee and pastry whenever we’re heading out of Kendal.
  • Cafe Nero – Because your waffles make us feel like we’re not really having cake.

Those are our highlights although to preserve our dignity I won’t mention how many times we frequent them each week. I can say that some of our best work and most successful moments as a business have been related to each though.

With 1 hour to curfew, it’s time to stick the coffee machine back on.

Article by Eilidh Nicholls