Our Secret Service

In designing and building websites we are not strangers to writing and proofreading content. Whilst not necessarily a service we shout about, content writing frequently plays some sort of role in the work we undertake for our clients, whether formally or informally. It’s also a part of our job which we secretly (until now) enjoy.

What we didn’t see coming as a result of this was the work that we have been carrying out for Sidas for the past 18 months. With their head office based in France but as a company trading worldwide, with sole distributer Sidas UK Ltd based here in Kendal, assurance that the content they are putting out into the world translates well is important.

Since working with Sidas we have proofread and checked the English translations on much of their marketing, packaging and training materials. It has become occasional but regular work which can be a welcome change to designing websites.

A secret service indeed, one we barely even realise we provide, but in fact has made us think differently about the services we offer some of our more international clients.

Article by Darren Nicholls