• Aura

    Aura Kendal’s First Multi-Sensory Experience Challenge When we first met with Aura they had been operating their new and important community interest company venture in Kendal for a year. Boasting an inclusive environment Aura appealed to a wide range of individuals and groups; from infants and school groups to those experiencing both physical and learning […]

  • Pencils on yellow background symbolising Health & Education Co-Operative
    Health and Education Co-operative

    Health & Education Co-Operative The Health and Education Co-operative provide quality educational resources to the health sector through online e-learning. The Co-operative is made up from a collection of North West Higher Education Institutes and Healthcare providers Challenge The Health and Education Co-operative introduced the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) in 2013. During that time they […]

  • Adult sheltering child from storm under umbrella representing i matter project
    The I Matter Project

    The I Matter Project The I Matter Project helps individuals and professionals learn why adult-child relationships matter for mental health and healthy child development at home and in school Challenge The I Matter Project has ambitious goals but there was a lack in clarity on how best to achieve them through marketing and the use […]