• Lakeland Building Group
    Lakeland Building Group
  • Vanguarder
  • Freshspaceb2b
  • njo Technology Ltd
    njo Technology Ltd
  • Aura
  • old fashioned till to symbolise Harmony EPOS systems
    Harmony EPOS
  • Farmhouse Kitchen
    Farmhouse Kitchen
  • Flatt Farm
    Flatt Farm Boarding Kennels
  • Equip OC
    Equip OC
  • making coffee to symbolise Brew Brothers
    Brew Brothers
  • meat on a barbecue representing david willan quality foods
    David Willan
  • cross on bible symbolising st george's church
    St. George’s Church
  • Ashton Planning
    Ashton Planning
  • One hand passing a flower to another representing kendal organ donor town
    Kendal Organ Donor Town