Web & Digital Marketing

Promoting your business online often goes beyond having a good website designed and can rely upon a more complete approach to digital marketing. Social media has long been established and is part of the fabric of society for many businesses and individuals. Love it or hate it, it is a way to catch people’s eye and also to kickstart engagement with your target market. Whatever your enterprise there are lots of possibilities.

Social Media and the internet can be used to introduce your business, raise awareness about your products, promote and advertise your services and interact with potential customers. You can proactively market your business through inboxes with eye-catching email newsletters or emails that enocurage customers back to your site to complete an order or you can have a quiet presence which allows people to gradually notice you. Whatever the character of you and your business there is a digital marketing strategy out there which will work for you.

Email Marketing

If a customer has bought something from you, be it a product or service the chances are they like your business and what you offer, therefore how you continue to engage with them is worth thinking about and planning in advance. This is where email marketing comes in, you can keep people up-to-date in a non-intrusive but eye-catching and informative way which keeps your brand on their radar. In addition we can help you to setup automated emails to encourage customers back to your site, for example on an anniversary of them buying something from you.

email marketing
Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

An occasional Facebook post, a humorous Tweet, a quirky photo on your Instagram feed… It can all help boost your online profile but how do you know if it's well-placed and reaching what you hope to be your captive audience? Even in the fast-moving world of social media sometimes a little bit of strategy pays off. It’s easy to fall into a pattern where you have an occasional erratic fling with social media platforms, only to soon get distracted by another busy work period. A digital marketing strategy can help you avoid this.

Google Ads

Advertising has gone beyond the conventional with online tools like Google Ads helping to provide lucrative results. The hard part is knowing how to use Google Ads to its full potential, in a cost effective and meaningful way – to stand our from the crowd. That is where we can help. We can also help with the all-important monitoring of your success through the likes of Google Analytics which, for example, at it's most basic can feedback the number of visits to your website from Google Ads.

google ads
Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Whatever your organisation there are likely to be occasions where a social media campaign is a helpful tool in getting your message out there. It may be used to market your services or products in order to boost sales. Taking the time to fully understand your organisation and the message you are trying to get across we can successfully represent you via social media and ensure that your campaign is a success.