Spring it would seem is finally here. And why's that? Well there's an unwritten rule (competition) with my family; who can see the first swallow. For the past two years I've spotted them first. Go me!! (2014 it was March 29th and last year April 5th).

This year it was my Dad who saw his on the 2nd April. Of course after some muttered grumbling from me and boasting from him, I doffed my imaginary cap and congratulated him. Whilst passing the news of his shallow victory to the boys, George commented, in his unwitting and innocent way that he'd seen the first swallow ages ago. Me looking puzzled was led into my parents front room where he pointed to the stuffed swallow mounted on the wall (why my dad has a stuffed swallow is another story - I blame the Grandad from Lost Boys...).

When I saw my first swallow this year, it was a double celebration. Firstly it's the first swallow; what better sign of spring is there than that? But secondly and more importantly I was with Eilidh when we saw those four swallows (oh there was more than one) fly over us on their way to feed on the river Kent. Seeng the swallows together was something we'd talked about last year, so after a long and wet (let's not forget flooded but hey, who wasn't in December?) winter. It was a beautiful sight. To us it sets the tone for what we want this year - that is to be back home together in Kendal, watching our boys grow up and watching Freshspace continue to grow with abundance.