We’re Back!

Following a long six months after Storm Desmond we are finally back home and with our third (and hopefully final) office number – 01539 295778 It’s been a busy few months for us with plenty of work on and several new websites under our belts. We’ve kept it pretty much business as usual but now… Continue reading We’re Back!

A Fine Balance

We are now more than halfway through February and I am still speaking like the year has just begun. Constantly I refer to this month as January or make the schoolgirl error of mistakenly noting down 2015.

Working in an organisation to running your own business

I have over the course of the past 15 years or so had the pleasure of working for both large businesses, being self-employed, working for a small web design company helping it grow to be a large(ish) web design business and back to being self-employed again, running a small web design business alongside my partner… Continue reading Working in an organisation to running your own business

Eating, Sleeping and Working Together

It seems working with your other half comes with a whole bunch of health warnings. Supportive comments were received in abundance from friends and family when we told them that we planned to go into partnership. There was of course the genuinely supportive who wished us the best and shared our excitement. There were those… Continue reading Eating, Sleeping and Working Together