The truth is in the stats, because it’s here that we can see how well (or not) a website has improved. With this is mind we reviewed our Appleby-based client, H. Pigney & Son’s WordPress website traffic in Google Analytics to see how it’s performance has changed over the past 9 months.

We first did this back in March, a few months after the site had gone live and we’re pleased to see a continued improvement:

  • Visits to the site from mobile and tablet devices has increased by over 55%
  • Time spent on the site by returning customers has increased by over 200%
  • Less people leave the site within the first 10 seconds now
  • Over 56% of site visitors find the site through organic search
  • Bounce rate has decreased by over 78%
  • Organic visits to the site have increased by over 25%

It’s these real figures that show our clients that their online presence is improving and that their investment in a new site was worthwhile.


Article by Eilidh Nicholls