Website Statistics, and How we Help you Beat Them

Website Statistics

Website Statistics, and How we Help you Beat Them

The world of web design and digital marketing is vast, ever changing and more than a little intimidating for people who aren't submerged in it all the time - and sometimes even for those of us who are!

For example, did you know:

  • The average visitor stays on a new webpage for less than 30 seconds.
  • In this time, they read less than a quarter of the information - and that's just on the pages they actually look at.
  • Most people's first response to needing a service these days is to "just google it". This means if you don't have a website and online presence, you are missing out on a lot of potential clients.
  • Over 60% of site visits and over 30% of online orders now come from mobiles and tablets rather than desktop computers.
  • A lot of customers make up their mind about a company before even making direct company.
  • A website is no longer enough - to give your company credibility, as well as promoting your business to a wider audience, it is important to have a digital marketing strategy.
Freshspace is here to help you overcome these website statistics.

Together, we can create a website and digital marketing strategy that promotes your business in the best way. We really get to know you, your professional goals and companies purpose, which allows us to give you a truly personalised experience and site. As well as this we also take the time to provide a simple training session in managing and adding content to your site to ensure you're completely comfortable keeping the site up to date. However, for clients who don't have the time or inclination for this, we are happy to step in. This ensures the content on your site is appropriate. This encourages people visiting the site to spend longer on it - increasing your chance of gaining a new client or sale!

By also handling your domain name, we offer one point of contact for the that as well as your website and hosting. This helps us develop that professional relationship further and means you always know who to contact with any issues. With Freshspace, you'll never be stuck in an automated phone call or unable to get an email back. All of our websites are fully mobile and tablet friendly, which opens you up to the massive audience who do not use desk tops anymore. Our digital marketing strategies also help you stay ahead of the times. We support you in creating social media platforms which reflect your business and attract relevant followers. By having a friendly, appropriate social media presence you help clients build a positive image of your business before they make that first contact.

We can also migrate existing sites to our own hosting platform, and give our support from their to create the site your business and clients deserve. In the past we have even brought back to life sites which have been hacked! As a small family business, we can take the time to go that extra mile to do what works best for you.

If you're looking for an easy way to take your business to the next level - get in touch.