Brokk Great Britain

The world’s leading demolition manufacturer

The Challenge

Brokk decided that they needed a new website which would represent all of their many Worldwide regions, but would be centrally coordinated by their headquarters in Sweden. Their aim was a global website with sub-sites to represent each Region/Country. In order to ensure success of this rollout they were aware they would need to address the natural variations between regions, with key regions encouraged to seek development support to make necessary changes to their sub-sites.

The new WordPress website was built by WestArt, a Swedish based agency which like all development agencies, have their own way of building a website. This meant that there was a certain challenge for other agencies working on the sub-sites as it meant adapting to their way of working. In addition, changes and new sections to the sub-sites would need to be built so that they adhered to the general design concept of the global site.

Our Solution for Brokk Great Britain

Brokk's UK Head Office is based in Crooklands near Milnthorpe. Having previously built a website for Brokk subsidiary, Darda UK and having an ongoing relationship for email marketing and Google Adwords, we were the obvious choice in supporting them with the Brokk Great Britain site.

We were quickly given access to the development site and received a tutorial from WestArt on what we may expect in terms of how the website had been built. The process required a degree of flexibility. As we began to make content, navigation and structural changes, we realised we had to work more closely with WestArt to ensure we had the correct level of access to truly make the Brokk Great Britain site work for the UK office.

So as to deliver our best work, there were times we knew we would have to work in our way so made requests for what we consider to be crucial plugins and integration with Google Analytics etc. However, in the same way WestArt supported us we also supported them, using our expertise to point out issues and assisting them in improving the global site as a whole. It was notably a different experience to how we usually work but it was also extremely interesting to work on a project which allowed us to understand how other people work. We learned things from working on the Brokk Great Britain website which we can use in future projects.

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