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Christies has been a successful estate agents based in Cheam, Surrey since the 1930’s. With their properties both to sell and rent, at the higher end of the market, they wanted to evolve their business model into the modern day where they could compete more effectively with estate agents looking to serve the same market. In order to do this they had a strategic plan which started with a fundamental rebrand that would not lose the legacy that Christies had already created.

To support the rebrand they were aware they must also overhaul their web presence, starting with a new website complimented their branding and high class feel perfectly. To Christies it was critical that the rebrand was a success. With the previous website reliant on iFrames for much of it’s content, the new site would need to be built differently so that properties could be listed as clients expect to see them, and so that the content was more SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly.

Our Solution

As the website was part of a much greater rebranding project, we were excited to be involved. Based in the South of England in Cheam, Surrey, we managed the project through phone calls and emails, from our base in Kendal near the Lake District in Cumbria. With an understanding that the branding and website went hand-in-hand we supported Christies in finalising their branding decision, maintaining their classic look and feel.

In order to achieve the classic look they hoped to achieve for the new website, and the first impression they wanted to give potential new clients, we worked with them to opt for stock images which offered an idea of the professional service Christies offer. Additionally with a variety of services the website extended much further than we thought, so to build it more efficiently and maintain a consistent style, we worked on a design we could apply simply across the WordPress site.

Christies Estate Agents both sell and rent properties on behalf of their clients. We worked with their property listing provider, Expert Agent, to run an automated XML feed via a Cron Job every 24 hours, thus ensuring property listings are always up-to-date on their website. This has allowed Christies to have an easy-to-use search and filter functionality on their property listings, a stylish gallery of images and clearly laid out property information. We feel the new site fits with them perfectly and wish them every success.