The Churchmouse at Barbon

The Churchmouse at Barbon is a Village Store, Delicatessen, Cafe and Fully Licensed Friday Night Bistro. As well as selling on-line a variety of Wedding Cake Cheeses.


With the previous site predominantly e-commerce, used for selling cheeses and chutneys, it was no longer considered directly relevant to the Churchmouse at Barbon, with the owners moving to Barbon from their delicatessen in Kirkby Lonsdale, and the business expanding to include a village store, cafe and rejuvenated Friday Night Bistro. The online shop had also reduced to cover solely wedding cake cheeses. The previous content management system did not allow the flexibility to merge the two sides of the business.

The previous site had therefore become out of date leaving an impression on visitors of a store that no longer existed. Instead Facebook, other social media streams and personal experience of The Churchmouse at Barbon proved to be the most successful way of generating and maintaining business. An online presence which accurately depicted The Churchmouse at Barbon and allowed the client to manage the online store for the wedding cake cheeses as a slightly separate entity was deemed necessary.

Our Solution

We took the time to visit the Churchmouse at Barbon and understand the new business at its fullest. A big part of this was recognising the personal touch John and Jules bring, and how this is positively perceived by both new and regular customers. It was important that the design of a new website fit with the contemporary branding of the Churchmouse at Barbon whilst maintaining the traditional warmth of the village store, delicatessen and cafe. With so many elements to the business we had to think carefully as to how this would be laid out on the site, ensuring the end result cleanly segmented the different aspects of the business whilst maintaining that it all falls under the one banner of the Churchmouse at Barbon. Where this had the most significant impact was how we set apart the Wedding Cake Cheeses which is in many ways standalone from the Churchmouse at Barbon, appealing to a generally different customer base. To do this we designed a distinct button which sat in the main menu, giving the feel to users that this area of the is of a different ilk. Which it is, we used WooCommerce (a WordPress e-commerce plugin) to create an online shop in this area. WooCommerce allows the client to easily update and amend product detail as well as processing payment. To support the unique nature of the business we included a BACs payment option for customers who are placing a deposit upon agreement.

Given the customer facing nature of the Churchmouse at Barbon the clients have limited time to spend on more office based duties so it was important any solution we provided would offer a site which is simple to maintain and update – for this we opted for WordPress. After an hour long training session the client was able to happily make changes to site and have it ready to go live. Support is still available and provided, recognising that the priority for any client is confidently amending what matters to them and the business on a daily basis rather than significant changes to the sites structure and functionality.

"I first opened Churchmouse Cheeses in Kirkby Lonsdale back in 2002. When we started, we were just a small shop selling speciality cheeses and various accompaniments. We have since branched out into providing bespoke cheese wedding cakes on a national basis and we moved premises back in 2013 to allow us to develop this side of the business more and also to open a cafe and bistro in Barbon, 3 miles outside Kirkby Lonsdale.

Darren had built and looked after my original website since it’s inception in 2004 so, following our move, I knew we needed a brand new website to reflect the change in focus of our business and also to provide a clear and modern section to promote our cheese wedding cakes. I was delighted to work once more with Darren and his partner Eilidh and their understanding of my needs and the needs of the website were, I believe, second to none. We had nothing but support throughout the period of shifting from our old website to the new one and I am delighted with our new site. We have already noticed an increase in wedding cakes sales and the site is very easy to navigate and, most important to me, easy to update, add photos to and generally keep on top of. I also found their pricing reasonable and realistic. Keep up the good work guys!

So remember kids, “If your website needs a Fresh Face – call Freshspace!""