Cookery School

Cookery School love sharing their ideas for delicious home-cooking and are constantly finding fresh sources of inspiration to bring to their classes


The Cookery School at Little Portland Street, London is already a successful and profitable business. Nevertheless they understand the importance of keeping their finger on the pulse in what is an exceptionally competitive market. They were aware that while their website was performing and turning over business, they could not be confident they were getting all they could from it. Similarly the Cookery School already make good use of email marketing, Google Adwords and Google Re-marketing.

However, they were struggling to identify the number of conversions this was leading to and what this meant in the context of the market they’re in. They wanted to better understand the success of their own SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and be sure they were truly understanding the information they were receiving from Google Analytics. With limited in-house knowledge of how to fully utilise these tools, they were keen to work with Freshspace who could make clear recommendations and help them manage this going forward.

Our Solution

Following an indepth review of the Cookery School’s online presence, we presented them with a number of recommendations with a view to increasing the conversion rate of visitors to the website. Some of the most fundamental recommendations were around the checkout process and how this could be improved, with a few basic structural changes to ensure potential customers didn’t leave the checkout process. It was agreed that we would implement some of the recommended changes on the Cookery School’s to their WordPress website on their behalf including the removal of sidebars on the shopping cart and checkout page, improvements to make the payment button more prominent and options to leave the page less likely. This has led to immediate improvements in the number of people completing their order, since implementing the changes the Shopping Cart page bounce rate has decreased from 40% to 20%, with the Exit rate decreasing from 12% to 6% and in the Checkout process, the exit rate has decreased from 18% to 12%. We also made sure that WooCommerce was hooked into Google Analytics correctly so that we were able to track and better understand e-commerce performance; monetary value from mediums such as email marketing and social media, to understanding the overall conversion rate.

In addition we made other recommendations and produced a strategy for a more significant Google AdWords campaign in a way which was meaningful and could be undertaken independently by the Cookery School. In detail we considered the success of Google Adwords and Google Re-Marketing campaigns, the amount invested in them and the conversion rates. This led to some interesting insights which look to shape the Cookery School’s digital marketing going forward. To round off our audit and review, we now provide the Cookery School with a tailored Google Analytics report on a monthly basis with ongoing recommendations. This ongoing support will ensure they continue to adapt and improve in a continually changing market.

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“With limited in-house resources and expertise in digital marketing we looked for external help to ensure we were on track and keeping up with competition. Freshspace provides us with monthly analytics reports and fresh ideas for improvements that we often hadn’t thought of. They are easy to work with, prompt and efficient.”