Cumbria Farm Environment Partnership

An independent advisory service providing quality practical advice to farmers in Cumbria


Facing both changes in the business and practical changes to the website, Cumbria Farm Environment Partnership were in a position where they needed to find a new hosting provider for their WordPress site. With their current hosting provider serving notice on the basis they were winding down their own business, there was a requirement to find a new provider and a business capable of managing the migration in a short time frame.

Our Solution

Upon recommendation by The Farmer Network, Paul Ankle from the Cumbria Farm Environment Partnership contacted us directly asking for our help. Paul explained that he had a total of two weeks to move the WordPress website across to another hosting environment. Doing so required us to be responsive and communicate well with the previous hosting provider in order to ease some stress for Paul. We ensured it was a quick and efficient process. Managing the migration in full it also offered us the opportunity to review the site, making some small content changes upon request and fixing some aspects of the site which hadn’t been well-maintained. We ensured that from the point of starting the migration the site was fully functional and online in less than 24 hours. The Cumbria Farm Environment Partnership can now relax knowing that their site is securely hosted and maintained. Plus as we already work competently with WordPress should they need further development work they know they are already in safe hands.