Darda UK

Hydraulic Specialist Demolition Tools

The Challenge

Brokk have recently had a new global website designed, and we supported them in work on the UK site. As a subsidiary of Brokk, it was felt that Darda UK would also benefit from a new website which was closer in look and feel to the Brokk site.

As the general design of Brokk’s new WordPress website was developed by a Swedish based agency, we did not want to directly replicate the design but to compliment it whilst also building a website which fit more with the direct business needs of Darda UK.

Our Solution for Darda UK

Utilising the base design of the Brokk site we built from the ground upwards. We took inspiration from Darda UK and also time to understand where their requirements sit apart from the business requirements of Brokk, including the market they look to appeal to. We took inspiration from the structure of the Brokk website and worked it through until we came up with a website which was more fitting for Darda UK. Using WooCommerce, it is fundamentally a product based site even if not transactional. Instead we opted for clear call to actions encouraging ‘product enquiries’.

Ultimately we tailored the design to work with the Darda UK brand, whilst creating a website which sits nicely within the group of Brokk’s partners and subsidiaries. It is clear the two businesses are integrally linked.

"Thanks for all your help in setting up our new website for DARDA equipment, after a short kick off meeting Darren and Eilidh just totally understood the needs of our company and researched the product to make sure they could get our message across to our customers in a simple but effective manner. I am now looking to take on another product and I will certainly be using Freshspace to help me get it out there."


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