Hay Fell

Experts in Forestry, Gardens & Grounds Services

The Challenge

When we first started working with Hay Fell they were a well-established business but with no online presence. Business was going well and their reputation went before them so they had little requirement or time to build on a website or social media. Yet as business expanded the demand for them to build their online profile and use these tools to their advantage was growing.

A business dependent on seasonal work and trustworthy employees, their main driver for a website was to allow them to advertise job opportunities. In addition, they have a wide portfolio of large projects across Cumbria, Lancashire, North Yorkshire and Southern Scotland. They wanted to be sure that their experience and qiality of service was now discoverable online.

Our Solution for Hay Fell

We immediately set to building a holding page for Hay Fell to get ahead of the game in building their online presence and having them recognisable by the key search engines; none less so than Google. This consisted of contact details and a special email address for recruitment opportunities, keen to establish this aspect of the website from the beginning.

The website was built around the bountiful experience, professionalism and accreditations behind Hay Fell. We were keen that this would not be perceived as a new website representing a new business, instead using a gallery of images and videos to show the scale of the work that Hay Fell have carried out over the years.

Hoping to appeal to experiencedi ndividuals looking for a new challenge or hoping to learn this type of work, the website also had to have a friendly yet professional feel. The Opportunities page designed to encourage people to get in contact if no specific vacancies are advertised, with images of the team working together and bios of the people behind the business supporting the idea that Hay Fell could be a great team to join.