Health & Education Co-Operative

The Health and Education Co-operative provide quality educational resources to the health sector through online e-learning. The Co-operative is made up from a collection of North West Higher Education Institutes and Healthcare providers


The Health and Education Co-operative introduced the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) in 2013. During that time they remained with the same SaaS (Software as a Service) provider. However, due to changing times they have had to face up to more difficult questions around the usability of the VLE, whether the arrangement with their provider was effective and what shape they want the Health and Education Co-Operative to take going forward and the impact this will have on the VLE going forward. In order to address some of these questions they looked for an outside and impartial perspective.

Our Solution

Using our experience both in web development and contract law we carried out two reviews which resulted in detailed reports with recommendations. Exploring in detail the user experience of the VLE we were able to make some concrete recommendations about how it could be improved and more cost effective solutions in relation to support, hosting and development. As a separate review we looked at the arrangement with their current provider and presented a detailed report around the contract in place and its management. This has put them in a position where they can now make fundamental decisions on the best way forward for the VLE.

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