Hutton Community Fellowship

Promoting the wellbeing of the inhabitants of Hutton Parish and surrounding community

The Challege

The Hutton Community Fellowship was formed in order to administer funding which was the result of local wind farm grants. The purpose of the grants are to fund local community projects across the Hutton Parish and surrounding community. It was felt by the Fellowship, that in order for the community to truly benefit from the funding, they would have to do their absolute best to get the message out that funding was available and offer helpful support in applying for grants.

As a community group, reliant on volunteers, they felt the need to establish a brand that the local community would come to recognise. To do this effectively they requireed a logo, suggesting the objectives of the Fellowship. Additionally in an increasingly paperless society they wanted to make it as simple as possible for people to apply for the grants so that Hutton Parish and beyond could truly benefit from the opportunity. A website and Facebook page seemed like the obvious solution.

Our Solution

Before commencing with building their online presence, we worked with Hutton Community Fellowship to establish a brand, keeping with a green colour palette to represent the landscape and working on a circular logo which gave a nod to the feeling of community. Working with the Fellowship, we explored options for the logo before unanimously landing on the final logo.

As a quick win, we moved on to setting up a Facebook page where they could immediately start engaging with the local community around the grants on offer. As the board generated interested in the Facebook page working with some of the groups they had already helped, we began building website in background.

The site was built in WordPress so that they could go on to update the site with news items and future successful projects with minimum assistance from us. The website was to have a simple message: that there is funding available to the small community in Southern Scotland, the application process is not overly complicated and there is true potential to receive a boost in delivering community objectives. In conjunction with the Facebook page, the website acts as a real tool in helping the Hutton Community Fellowship engage with the community and realise the results of funding.

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