The I Matter Project

The I Matter Project helps individuals and professionals learn why adult-child relationships matter for mental health and healthy child development at home and in school


The I Matter Project has ambitious goals but there was a lack in clarity on how best to achieve them through marketing and the use of online platforms. Support was required to identify the most suitable target market and the best way to reach out via social media. It was vital that the approach to marketing fit with Dr Cathy Betoin, the creator of The I Matter Project, ethics due to the very nature of the project. As so much work and heart had already gone in to the development of the project, the biggest challenge was going to be taking a step back and reviewing what was already there in terms of the project and its online presence.

Our Solution

Following a couple of consultancy meetings to fully understand The I Matter Project and its overall objectives, we spent time to understand the workings behind the website and online course booking system. We also worked on having a clear grasp of the potential market, where comfort levels sat and what groups across Cumbria showed a genuine interest in the project. This allowed us to take a confident approach to producing a detailed report with recommendations around the general approach of the project, the website and digital marketing. The recommendations presented were aimed at the short-term, but there were also costed recommendations which gave consideration to the longview. Some of the short term changes have already been taken into account with changes made to the website such as reducing the number of steps to the shopping cart and streamlining content. With the project continuing to reshape and grow it will be interesting to see what happens next.

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