Kendal Organ Donor Town

The Challege

The Kendal Organ Donor Town campaign was gathering pace quickly from when it started in May 2015, at the beginning of Chris Hogg’s term as Mayor of Kendal. This was partly due to good press coverage, a strong Twitter campaign and Chris’ high profile position as Mayor.

However, with Chris and Rachael’s political commitments and a reliance on volunteers it was clear that extra support was needed. A critical factor in growing the campaign would be further marketing to generate more interest and ensure success by May 2016.

Our Solution

Sitting on the Kendal Organ Donor Town steering group we were in a position to offer our support in designing and maintaining a website. As the campaign had already began, a quick turnaround was required but also a speedier solution to increase the campaign’s online presence past an already successful Twitter account. Prior to beginning work on the website we launched a Facebook page which generated over 200 likes in 2 days and through linking it directly to the NHS organ donor registration page, helped increase the number of registered organ donors in Kendal from 171 to 253 in the space of a month. Given the increased interest from national organisations in the Facebook and Twitter campaigns, and the sharing of posts by local press, it is anticipated that this will continue to increase in order to exceed the target of 1,000 by May 2016. As the website was built we created a holding page which we promoted via social media to highlight the significance of the campaign and that it would have a greater online presence as it continued to grow. The website was later launched detailing the campaign’s progress, posts of a personal and informative nature, and future events with the additional angle of generating interest from potential volunteers.