Lakeland Slate Signs

The home of beautiful, handcrafted, bespoke, Lakeland Slate House Signs and Numbers

The Challenge

Lakeland Slate Co specialises in a variety of services and products that incorporate the popular material Lakeland Slate. One of their specialties is crafting unique house signs and numbers. Recognising the potential, it was decided to create a separate website specifically for this product line.

Our Solution for Lakeland Slate Signs

Lakeland Slate Signs was to be a standalone website but also had to compliment the existing business Lakeland Slate Co. As a well known business focussed around a locally sourced material from the beautiful Lake District, the new One-Page website would benefit from taking the reputation of Lakeland Slate Co along with it. With this in mind the branding and design of the site was developed to closely replicate and compliment Lakeland Slate Co.

As a relatively ‘new’ enterprise it was felt that a one-page WordPress website would be sufficient in testing the water one. We built a clean and crisp WordPress website, balanced with visual examples of their products.

Initially, the intention was not to create an online store due to the limitations of a one-page website in showcasing and selling products effectively. However, to foster customer engagement and facilitate potential sales, a multi-step contact form was devised. This form allows visitors to the website to articulate their requirements comprehensively, enabling a clear and detailed communication of their needs and preferences.

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