Peter Hall & Son

Established in 1972, Peter Hall & Son are furniture makers, designers, woodturners and antique restorers.

The Challenge

We have had a working relationship with Peter Hall & Son for almost 4 years. Initially we supported them in completing and adding polish to a WordPress website which the owner’s son, and third generation of the long established business, had started to build. Whilst happy with the resulting website there was always somewhat of a question mark as they technically maintained two websites – one which was a WordPress brochure site detailing Peter Hall & Son’s services; the other a Shopify site which they built and managed themselves to sell a collection of their products directly online.

Despite being linked, this did mean that there was some disjointedness between the two sites. Over time the WordPress website proved a success, an enthusiasm to link their stock management system (Vend) to the e-commerce site developed and a desire to create a shop became the catalyst for a rethink. With a need for a more customisable solution for the online shop and also some feeling from us that Peter Hall & Son could have more freedom in managing the look and feel of the main site if we moved it over to our template builder within WordPress, we were wondering how best to go back to the drawing board.

Our Solution

In our endeavour to create a more seamless website for Peter Hall & Son, we adopted WooCommerce as our e-commerce platform rather than Shopify, as part of the development we integrated Vend (the clients Retail EPOS Software) with WooCommerce so as to allow them to manage stock control with their store in Windermere. This allowed us to have more flexibility on how we could customise the shopfront, something which became increasingly important as they also wanted to sell a limited range of quality furniture online for the first time.

In commencing into this new area of online sales, the client was keen that products that fell under Furniture stood apart from other products and they had a clear vision for this. We worked hard to accommodate this new concept for the Furniture pages, making some adjustments to the catalogue design and style as we wanted to make it more web friendly. The black background and sleek finish of these product pages allows the quality of Peter Hall & Son’s furniture to resonate throughout the site.

As we came to the later stage to support the build of the website first time around, we embraced the opportunity to rebuild the rest of the website also, utilising our own preferred WordPress template builder. This gave us the freedom to replicate what was already good about the current site but also be more agile in making fundamental layout and design changes. Collectively we worked with the client to simplify the layout making it more user and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly. As the Shopfiy site had been built on a separate domain name, we have also parked this domain name to the main domain name, along side setting up relevant 301 redirects so as to ensure that existing customers don’t simply land on a 404 error message page, this is both better for SEO and customer experience.

Ultimately, we have pulled together two websites into one. We have built a website which has a high quality finish and is truly bespoke to the client.

“It has been a pleasure working with Darren and Eilidh of Freshspace on our new website. Unlike a lot of companies who want to have full control of everything to force you to go back to them for every change, Freshspace have worked with me, understanding our requirements and working as part of the team to create a website with us.

I know I can rely on Eilidh and Darren and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Thank you!”


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