Fiona and EilidhI couldn’t let a week of having access to my sister’s social media pass me by without posting an embarrassing photo. There are many perks to having a sister ten years older – from adorable nephews to advice from a level of hindsight and understand that nobody else could replicate. For as long as I remember, my sister has been the biggest influencer on my life and I have a lot to thank her for, not least a sarcastic sense of humour.

From the very start, Darren and Eilidh have kept family at the heart of Freshspace. The obvious impact of this is on George and Brodie, who will never know a school holiday or sick day without a parent available. What is less obvious, is the impact on the rest of the family. Precious time with the boys in the school holidays so they can actually get some work done, coffee and advice available at the drop of a hat if I need to escape Carlisle, and a pride in Freshspace that I can’t fully explain. Watching Eilidh and Darren develop their business together has helped my boyfriend and I come to the decision that we want to be able to work with each other in the future, and the practical advice they offer is priceless.I have loved watching Freshspace develop so far, and have really enjoyed the opportunity to be involved over the last week. Please keep choosing local businesses, because every time you do you are supporting a real family

Article by Fiona Marsden