A selection of successful work including web design and digital marketing projects that Freshspace has delivered.
  • RC Dalgliesh Ltd
    RC Dalgliesh Ltd
  • Brokk Great Britain
    Brokk Great Britain
  • Lakeland Building Group
    Lakeland Building Group
  • Hoddam Contracting
    Hoddam Contracting
  • Williams Agricultural Engineering
    Williams Agricultural Engineering
  • Grasmere Lakeland Sports and Show
    Grasmere Sports
  • Churchmouse at Barbon
    The Churchmouse at Barbon
  • Dalesway Tyres
    Dalesway Tyres
  • Hutton Community Fellowship
    Hutton Community Fellowship
  • Vanguarder
  • Freshspaceb2b
  • The Farmer Network
    The Farmer Network
  • Blacksmiths Arms
    The Blacksmiths Arms
  • njo Technology Ltd
    njo Technology Ltd
  • Aura
  • Christies Estate Agents
  • old fashioned till to symbolise Harmony EPOS systems
    Harmony EPOS
  • V Move Estate Agents
    V Move
  • Farmhouse Kitchen
    Farmhouse Kitchen
  • London Executive
    London Executive
  • David Whitson
    David Whitson