Shh, don’t tell anyone but Lowther Castle is amazing

Lowther Castle

Shh, don’t tell anyone but Lowther Castle is amazing

What's that you say? Orginise a day out in Cumbria for 6 adults (varied ages) and two boys aged 3 and 4 - though a big four I might add, that appeals to everyone. Oh that'll be easy he says sarcastically...

Well as it turned out it was. And to everyone's surprise it didn't involve any of the following:

  1. A boat.
  2. A walk round a lake / tarn / other lake district charm.
  3. Any sort of hill or mountain.
  4. Crazy golf.
  5. Waiting for a hour to get parked only to find you couldn't unless you'd pre-booked an 'activity'.
  6. Actually going to the Lake District.
  7. Waiting in a queue for tea, coffee, or generally anything else.

What it did involve was:

  1. Two, yes that's right two castles.
  2. Exploring of mesmerising, abandoned and re-found gardens.
  3. Rolling down expansive lawns like children.
  4. A relaxed lunch on what was once a stunning victorian lawn.
  5. Picking wild rasberries.
  6. Eilidh and her dad taking it turns to lie in an old stone bath (thankfully empty I might add).
  7. Grandparents, 20 something year olds, and two parents who should know better enjoying the amazing wooden castle.
  8. And last but least; fun, relaxation and excitement.

What you might well ask has this got to do with Freshspace? Well, nothing as it so happens. The beauty of our day out at Lowther Castle was that work, clients, new leads, CRM's, email marketing etc, etc didn't cross my or Eilidh's mind once. It's fair to say we relaxed like we've never relaxed before. The enormity of the gardens at Lowther made it feel like we were in our own little world, of course there were hundreds of other people there and hopefully they were having the same time as us.

Having experienced so many over priced, over PR'd, over cautious, over safe attractions, Lowther Castle is without doubt a breath of fresh air. More so in the Lake District where there is so much to see and do but somehow doesn't always seem to do particularly well, that's how it seems to me anyhow.

Hopefully as the attraction grows they'll be able to keep the same values and allow people to have their very own Neverland. We certainly did and given the looks on our two boys faces when they stood inside the remains of the old castle - it's something money can't buy.