New Freshspace Website

What is the greatest challenge for a web designer? Building their own website it would seem.

When we started Freshspace in 2015, we did so with a one-page website built overnight. Then as the business slowly grew we built a ‘proper’, more involved website in the background. We loved that website and when we launched it in April 2015 it was just the ticket.

But as the business evolved, and we evolved with it, we started to outgrow it. Websites should never be ‘forever’, and we’re the first to admit that. They need to adapt with your business and it’s personality.

So we had what we would call a dabble at building ourselves a new site in September 2017. It was a failed attempt as our time is much more consumed with work than it was when we first started out. We couldn’t find a spare second where we weren’t working on someone else’s website in order to work on our own.

This year, we decided we had to find the time. Our website was becoming more and more outdated. We were losing the enthusiasm to add anything to it, knowing we could build something better, and doing so daily for clients.

It’s taken commitment and time but now, in July 2018, we have that new website and we’re pleased to share it. It says Freshspace. It represents our business, our personality and our lifestyle. We hope you love it as much as we do.