Ambleside Tree Services

Specialists in all aspects of Tree Surgery, covering Cumbria and North Lancashire

The Challege

With a reputation that goes before them, Ambleside Tree Services have a wide repeat customer base and often gain new customers from word of mouth. They had a website which stood the test of time for many years before starting to creak until it gave up completely. Without a substantial need for a website in terms of marketing, and with a busy work schedule it sat on the back burner for a while. Although it was becoming clear that people were at times struggling to find their contact details and it was time to get them back online.

Our Solution for Ambleside Tree Services

We take pride in keeping the web design process relatively simple and stress free for our clients. So we didn’t have to start from scratch, which would require a lot more initial client input, we recovered their old website and took content from there. Ambleside Tree Services provided some updated photos, and some from years previous, which gave us a great opportunity to build a visual WordPress website that clearly demonstrated their years and experience as a business.

Once we had created a development website which we could share with the client, they quickly fed back on any text and design changes. We know that having a visual, functioning website allows our customers to experience the design and to feed back more effectively.

We turned around the new WordPress website quickly; ensuring that contact details are easy to find, services are clear and Ambleside Tree Services are undoubted in their years of experience.

"I would most definateley recommend Freshspace, Darren and Eilidh are both Professional and approachable and have always helped us out with any problems or changes to our Website and Hosting. Freshspace rates are competative and they will advise or leave it up to you. Give them a call you have nothing to lose"

Sue Prickett, Owner, Ambleside Tree Services

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