Kendal’s First Multi-Sensory Experience


When we first met with Aura they had been operating their new and important community interest company venture in Kendal for a year. Boasting an inclusive environment Aura appealed to a wide range of individuals and groups; from infants and school groups to those experiencing both physical and learning difficulties. Aura already had a website which was ‘homegrown’ but were keen to grow their enterprise and have a clear online profile which appealed to all, they understood it was outside capabilities to do it themselves.

With a variety of sessions on throughout the week, they were keen to have a website where they could update and display their weekly sessions with ease. Also, it was vital that any site they had was DDA (Disability & Discrimination Act) compliant. Offering a committed and personalised service to the community, it was understandable that the very important day job could affect the level of input we would have when completing the project - a potential risk that we were keen to overcome.

Our Solution

We anticipated a delay in progressing the project to completion but we were enthusiastic about the project and were keen to design a website for Aura which they could run with. Using their existing website and content we created a design which was bold but clean. Rarely having the opportunity to work with such a colourful business, we found the enjoyment in integrating the many colours of their logo across the website. We loved the relaxed atmosphere at Aura, and also the approach of owners, Lucy and Paul, and as a result wanted the site to be fun, friendly and all-importantly inclusive.

With many people coming through their doors each day it was crucial that the website maintained the inclusivity which is so important to Aura. The site we built is DDA compliant, without effecting the design, and is accessible to visually impaired people providing the option for users to switch between high contrast, greyscale and also toggle font size. A WordPress site, we feel we again proved the value of WordPress and the flexibility of what you can do with the popular Content Management System. It has also produced a site which Aura can easily update with their weekly session schedule without need for input from us - another self-sufficient client.

Overall this has been a great project for Freshspace. With a passion for our community and bringing up two children in Kendal, it took us only minutes from first meeting with Aura to truly value the work they do and really feel their passion. We now look forward to working on Direct Care, a crossover project which provide care and support across South Lakeland.

Finally, we wish Lucy and Paul luck as they raise money to create the largest sensory gym in the North of England.