Citizens Advice Barrow

Free, confidential and impartial advice to the people of Barrow-in-Furness

The Challege

Serving such a localised area as Barrow-in-Furness, but as members of the national Citizens Advice organisation, created a delicate balance for how information was provided and kept up-to-date. Historically having tried to keep their website an up-to-date advice hub but feeling the pressure for it to be current and meaningful, a review of the website was timely.

Our Solution for Citizens Advice Barrow

With the national Citizens Advice website kept regularly up-to-date with advice and information on issues which span all areas of life, we started building a new website that stood to signpost people to the correct sources for help - this is of the national Citizens Advice website amongst other third-party organisations. However, it was important to Citizens Advice Barrow not to lose the localised aspect, with many service users visiting the Barrow based office for face-to-face support. We utilised their own image bank of Barrow, Walney Island and the surrounding area to maintain that this branch of the organisation is centred on the local area.

It was crucial not to put any barriers up to those looking to access support so the website is full of clear call to actions and concise information detailing location, best ways of getting in touch and opening hours. Multi-step online forms are built into the WordPress website to allow referrals from third-party organisations and more detailed first-hand enquiries enabling speedier and more meaningful access to help from the very first instance of contact.

"Darren and Eilidh have been great to work with, always available to help with any queries or support we may have need."

Christine McKinlay, Chief Officer, Citizens Advice Barrow

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