Jane Ellison

British Freelance Handknit Designer

The Challenge

We had previously built a website for Jane’s successful Skipton-based business, Purl & Jane. A full e-commerce website selling yarn and Jane’s popular knitting patterns. Nevertheless Jane Ellison has a following for her talents as a Handknit Designer which compliments Purl & Jane but also sits separately.

Having some separation between the two was considered beneficial. The question was how to do this in a way which also kept Jane Ellison and Purl & Jane visibly linked.

Our Solution for Jane Ellison

We suggested that we create something simpler for the Jane Ellison, Handknit Designer website, and created a one-page website which acts more as a profile for Jane. With it’s own branding it clearly sits separately from Purl & Jane, but the pages is dotted with text and visual branding references to the larger enterprise.

It is a friendly website, written in the first person, encouraging visitors to the website to get in touch and also to explore Purl & Jane where they can find information about Jane’s workshops and courses.

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