Jane Ellison

British Freelance Handknit Designer

The Challenge

Previously, we developed a website for Purl & Jane, a thriving business owned by Jane, located in Skipton. This website served as a platform for selling yarn and Jane's renowned knitting patterns. However, it was important to acknowledge that Jane Ellison had her own unique talent as a Handknit Designer, which was distinct from Purl & Jane's offerings.

To maintain a clear distinction between the two aspects while still highlighting their connection, we needed to find a suitable solution. The challenge was to create a strategy that would visually link Jane Ellison and Purl & Jane, ensuring their association was evident to visitors.

Our Solution for Jane Ellison

We proposed the idea of developing a more streamlined version of the Jane Ellison, Handknit Designer website, resulting in the creation of a single-page website that primarily serves as a profile for Jane. This website possesses its own distinct branding, clearly distinguishing it from Purl & Jane. However, throughout, there are subtle hints of text and visual branding elements that connect it to the larger enterprise.

The website exudes a welcoming and personal tone, as it is written in the first person. It actively encourages visitors to engage by reaching out and also to explore Purl & Jane, where they can access comprehensive information regarding Jane's workshops and courses. By adopting this approach, the website aims to foster a sense of connection and interaction with its audience, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.

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