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Based in Kendal, Cumbria, njo Technology Ltd are an international competitor in the design and manufacture of LED lighting. In changing times for international trading it was crucial that their bold branding was backed up by a contemporary website design and online presence. The brand identity is very much inherent to the business.

Specialising in the design of LED lighting, njo offers lighting solution services alongside specific LED products. Coming to decisions about exactly how they wanted to be presented online, plus the products and services they could use as the highlights for the wide range of services they provide was going to be a critical, part of the project.

Our Solution

Like many businesses facing uncertain times, we wanted to support njo by developing a website which they could use to help sell the company and demonstrate their long-standing expertise in bespoke LED design. With a vast array of customised products, and standard product ranges, as solutions for a whole variety of lighting products, decisions had to be made as to what would be featured on the site. It was important this was also offset against the projects which demonstrate the quality of njo products and solutions around the world; from high profile projects in New York and Dubai, to the more local such as Silverdale Village Hall.

The design was sympathetic to the companies black and red branding, using the colours to help their photography pop - the contrast highlighting their capabilities. We built a site based upon the content of their old site which highlighted what was needed to make the new website shine. Then with some suggestions as to how we could make it flow, we worked with njo to develop a balance between lighting solutions, products and projects which they felt best represented the company. We also worked to strip away some of the content from the old website, creating a website which was more concise, clear and user friendly.

With a section of the site product based, we utilised WooCommerce framework to display the products as users would expect, allowing them to place product enquiries via the website. However, it was important the different areas of the website intertwined cleanly, with related lighting solutions, products and projects simple to navigate between. Visitors can interweave between the three different facets without hassle making the experience more joined up and circular around njo Technology Ltd as a brand.

Built in WordPress, njo are also able to manage the content and products simply, with our support available as required. We hope the bright new website continues to evolve with the business.

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