The Cross Keys Temperance Inn

The Cross Keys is a 400 year old National Trust Temperance Inn situated close to Cautley Spout, England's highest waterfall.

The Challenge

The Cross Keys had an existing website which was developed in a custom built content management system. Their provider were now moving towards a different solution for web design, and had decided to stop supporting the system that the website was built in. This meant that the functionality and usability of the site was likely to start to decrease. In addition, the most basic of changes to the website were no longer possible meaning it could not be maintained with up-to-date information.

Our Solution for The Cross Keys Temperance Inn

Whilst the Cross Keys Temperance Inn at Cautley Spout require a website, their requirements were relatively simple so we suggested a One-page website, built in WordPress as an efficient and cost effective solution, in moving them away from the problems they were experiencing with their previous supplier and website.

We built the One-page website using WordPress and leaned into the traditional, homely ambiance of the Cross Keys Temperance Inn. Utilising photos of Cautley Spout and the surrounding Yorkshire Dales, alongside photos of the interior of the Inn, we designed and built a website which break up information neatly and visually.

It was crucial for the website to have a user-friendly content management system that would allow for easy updating, including menus, opening times, and other relevant information. This feature ensured that the website remained a valuable resource for individuals interested in visiting the Cross Keys. Additionally, it was equally vital for the website to showcase the rich historical significance of the establishment. The Cross Keys has a storied past dating back to the 17th Century, with strong connections to the Quaker community that are still evident in its operations today. By highlighting these historical roots, the website not only serves as a practical guide for potential visitors but also as a platform to celebrate the enduring heritage and traditions of The Cross Keys Temperance Inn.

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