The Natural Plant Food Company

Peat-free, pet-friendly and wildlife-friendly products for garden and house plant health

The Challenge

As a relatively new kid on the block in a competitive market, The Natural Plant Food Company was commencing a full rebrand as they stepped into the next phase of their business growth.

Time was going to be tight as they took a multifaceted approach focussing on brand, web, packaging, content and print in time for the busy gardening season and an important marketing deadline.

Our Solution for The Natural Food Plant Company

We worked closely with their Creative team - Ten Stories, who were diligently pulling together all aspects of the project. Whilst our focus was on a new e-commerce website, with many moving parts as the branding was developed by Burnett Design, we adopted an agile way of working to reflect changes as they filtered through, without losing time or traction.

A strong branding concept was developed which led to a bright and interesting website. With bold patterns, creative animations, vibrant photography by Wood & Co and a daring use of colour, we carefully applied the branding to the website so that it was complimentary to the concept whilst remaining web and user friendly. To support the unique branding we adopted a more bespoke approach to the design, encompassing individual product pages rather than applying a universal template. Not only does the overall branding catch your eye, but the branding of each individual product holds its own - supporting what we hope will become an unmistakable brand in the gardening world.

There is an ever increasing market for products which are 100% natural amongst gardeners. Ourselves included! We have wholeheartedly enjoyed working on a website which compliments our own interests and can attest to the fact that it really does work.

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