Trafalgar Projects

New Build, Renovation & Development Projects

The Challenge for Trafalgar Proects

A long-established business in South Lakes, Trafalgar Projects had an existing website which had been standing still for some time, whilst successful building projects continued at pace. Meanwhile a secondary family business was being established; Trafalgar Contracting had an engaging Facebook page but had yet to establish a space on the web of their own.

Our Solution for Trafalgar Projects

We worked with Brian Nelson, owner of Trafalgar Projects, to pull together photos of the progress and end results of construction projects. It was agreed that the new WordPress website should be a visual site where the standard of their work was clear through example. Offering a number of services, we broke the website down into service areas with examples and clear call to actions. With a strong portfolio of work, we helped them showcase a handful of key projects, easily changed and transferrable as then undertake new work.

In addition, we worked with Tom, owner of Trafalgar Contracting. The website was to be dual focussed with the businesses clearly linked, yet visually separate entities with very different offerings.

With an already active Facebook page, Trafalgar Contracting only required a single page which distinctly listed their services. Facebook proved an easy way to advertise their services, and the perfect way to communicate with the Trafalgar Contracting customer base. With this in mind the Trafalgar Contracting Facebook page is pulled through onto the website, keeping the page dynamic and true to the business it serves.

The Trafalgar Projects / Trafalgar Contracting website serves its goal by representing and linking both businesses, whilst giving them each their own web space to advertise their services.

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