Wee Beer Shop

Craft Beer Specialist

The Challenge

We have had a working relationship with the Wee Beer Shop of Glasgow for around 3 years. Initially we helped support Neill with his existing WordPress e-commerce website including working on functionality as well as integrating the site with Vend POS (now part of Lightspeed ePOS System) so as to allow them to manage stock control with their store in Glasgow.

Whilst working on the site we noticed that their were some speed issues which effected the connection between Vend and WooCommerce so we needed a solution to ensure a smooth connection when data was being transfered between the two

Our Solution for Wee Beer Shop

To overcome the Vend connection issue we migrated the existing website over to our web hosting as we knew it was robust and could easily handle a WooCommerce website that managed over 5,000 products. In addition we were able to configure the hosting specification based on our knowledge of working with WordPress and WooCommerce

Since working with the Wee Beer Shop and hosting it on our sever the site performs well, with increased traffic to the site and, even more importantly, an increase in online sales.

"As a small business owner myself, I was initially attracted to the idea of working with another small business that could provide a level of attention sometimes lacking in larger outfits.

Eilidh and Darren also provided experience of a couple of technologies that were already embedded in my business so there was minimal disruption as they came on board.

Freshspace are responsive and attentive, able to proactively suggest ideas, and provide value for money."

Niall Kennedy

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