Lakeland Camping Barns

One of the best ways to enjoy our beautiful Cumbrian countryside in simple accommodation

The Challenge for Lakeland Camping Barns

The Lakeland Camping Barns group, made up of local camping barn owners in the Lake District, previously had a website that functioned as a directory for visitors to the Lake District seeking simple accommodation. The existing website was a standard solution that necessitated a developer to manage any modifications or updates for a fee. As they were looking for a website that demanded less maintenance and kept content up to date, their current setup was no longer the most effective option.

Our Solution for Lakeland Camping Barns

We suggested a one-page website to suit their relatively simple needs. The website is to signpost visitors to the individual camping barns based on location and capacity - from here they are encouraged to contact the owner directly, so uncomplicating the matter seemed sensible.

We designed a clean website using WordPress, with details displayed clearly for ease of use. As small business owners with the occasional need to advertise occupancy, we linked through their Facebook page which is used for this purpose. Through this, visitors to the website can learn about cancellations and updates.

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