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As a business in Cumbria, your online social engagement is more important than ever. Living in a predominantly rural county it is often the easiest way to communicate with potential yet hard-to-reach customers, and get your face known. Whether through social media or a standout website design, we understand that business is as equally competitive in Cumbria as it is in more metropolitan districts in the country. From running a 'kitchen table 'micro business to undertaking a larger operation from some of the counties bigger towns and city such as Kendal, Ulverston, Workington, Penrith or Carlisle we can help your business to excel in the digital world.


Our Cumbrian clients often tell us that their customers are looking at their websites when they’re on the go, and our statistics back this up with approximately 60% of website views from a mobile or tablet device. With the rollout of B4RN (rural wifi) these numbers are likely to increase across the more rural areas of Cumbria. In such a vast area where a lot of employment is not desk based, having a well-designed responsive website which can be viewed and appreciated from all devices is pivotal. You never do know when someone is making that key business decision while scanning websites on their mobile phone.


Cumbria boasts great local produce, a wealth of creativity from the surrounding areas of Kendal and Ulverston, big industry around Carlisle and down the West Coast of Cumbria, a roaring tourist trade thanks to the Lake District. And these are just the highlights. For many businesses an e-commerce website is critical in their ongoing success, particularly in trying to entice repeat trade. Additionally with so many sources of tourist accommodation in Cumbria, a trustworthy booking system integrated with your website can make sure that you capture the custom before anyone else does.


Cumbria is home to a wide variety of businesses; from the more traditional and long-standing to young and energetic. Regardless of size or aim, we will always endeavour to create a design for your website which offers an accurate representation of you and your business. If maintaining the long-established legacy of your business is important in assuring current and future customers is important, we will ensure your website represents this. Likewise, if you want a website which shows you as sharp, creative and ready to compete with metropolitan agencies, then we will find the design that works for you.


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