W.L. Jones Engravers

Industrial engravers established since 1976

The Challenge

We had initially spoken with W.L. Jones as they considered a new website. The one they had was starting to become a little dated but it was not problematic, and with an already busy workload, the new website fell by the wayside. A year later we came back into contact when the website really had had it’s day, and had stopped working. No longer accessible or functional, W.L. Jones were aware that they still wanted to maintain a web presence so a new website was likely to be the solution.

Our Solution for W.L. Jones Engravers

Based in Ulverston, a long-established engraving business which has very much evolved with the times, W.L. Jones Engravers already had a strong customer base and a terrific reputation. There was no desire for substantial change to how they presented the business online - really they wanted a professional website again and as soon as possible.

To facilitate this process, we promptly created a temporary webpage that displayed essential contact information for users while we worked on designing the new website in the background. This holding page acted as a placeholder, allowing visitors to access important contact details and stay informed about the progress of the upcoming website.

We used the previous website as a template for the new one. The old website had been effective for W.L. Jones Engravers over a significant period. By basing the new design on the old one, we were able to reassess the content and make necessary adjustments to ensure it accurately showcased all the services provided. This process also enabled us to incorporate updated and more modern imagery, enhancing the overall look and feel of the website.

Recognizing a chance to capitalise on their offerings and understanding that some potential customers might not be familiar with the full range of services they provide, we strategically presented a comprehensive breakdown of their services in a visually appealing manner. We incorporated prominent and compelling "call to actions" throughout the website to encourage visitors to request a quote. Catering primarily to businesses, we retained successful elements from their previous website while enhancing and modernising all other aspects to develop a sleek and sophisticated WordPress platform.

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